Unit 1 - Identity

" Your identity is who you are. It has been built by you and shaped by your family, friends and community. By exploring who you are and finding out more about your friends, classmates, and others as individuals you gain a stronger sense of self. In turn, by knowing yourself, you can also consider who you want to become and be open to the changes (and conflicts) that you will encounter as you journey through life." - Saskatchewan Education, ELA 9 curriculum
Some of the questions that we will be considering in this unit:
  • From where does our sense of community come?
  • What makes each person unique and interesting?
  • How do people express their individuality?
  • How do people change as they journey through life?
  • How do we keep our self-identity yet, at the same time, become part of a community?

Some of the activities planned for this unit include:
  • An intensive study of the novel Breaking Point
  • Viewing a variety of visual and multimedia texts including videos, artwork and photography
  • An "Identity" scrapbook containing a variety of student-created reflections on identity
  • A final, multimedia project sharing selected attributes of each individual students' identity